usb with macbook pro, working in word

  oxford39 11:37 10 Jul 2014

Have followed instructions for formatting new USB as shown. typed two long files. Saved them. closed USB, ejected it carefully.

Now, today when I reinserted it, screen tells me that "this computer does not recognize this disk"

Do I have to reformat it each time I use it? and also, all work from yesterday will be 'erased' if I follow the same steps, as for the first time I formatted it. HELP!!!!

When I put it in, first time, it seemed to be saving my files each time. I could see it on the list of devices, with the file names etc. But once I took it out, and put it back in this morning, I got the terrible message that the laptop did not recognze it!

am afraid to take it out now, and I have to go with the laptop to the library. How to travel with the USB sticking out at the side? But cant risk loosing all my stuff again, if I have to keep reformatting it...

  Graham* 23:42 10 Jul 2014

You will have us up all night with this one.

  Woolwell 10:54 11 Jul 2014

Save it your hard drive instead of USB.

You appear to have a faulty USB drive. Can you try another one? You do not have to reformat every time you use it. That would be very bad.

  oxford39 21:53 11 Jul 2014

Thank you for reply. Will take your advice. Have also been told now that some USB wont work with MacBookPro. Need to check that it has OSX compatibility. I didn't know that and I bought a Duracell 16GB - cost 30 euro!. This wont work, but a smaller 4GB PNY will!

Thanks again.


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