Upgrading from Snow Leopard to El Captian

  User-694741CF-6339-4AF6-939AD0D420C7E401 19:08 08 Nov 2015

I've got an old iMac (about nine years old) which has 2.4 Ghz Intel core 2 duo processor and 2 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM). I was running snow leopard and upgraded to El Captain yesterday but the mac is running really slow now and applications such as garage band and iMovie crash constantly. Is there anything I can do? Is it a RAM issue?

  Macworld 10:37 09 Nov 2015

You need 4GB of RAM for El Capitan. Do you know what age your Mac is - I'm surprised you were even able to install El Capitan as it seems it must be really old if it only has 2GB RAM! Did you back up first?

Thanks. I think it's nine years old. Yeah I was surprised it even let me do it in the first place. Most of the stuff is backed up or I can access it. Is it possible to upgrade the RAM of a MAC?

  Macworld 10:28 10 Nov 2015

I think that you can upgrade the RAM in that Mac because it's old enough! Go to the crucial site and put in your specs and it should tell you what RAM to use. click here

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