Upgrading my machine

  herc182 15:18 27 Jan 2003

Old system:
Gateway P200MMX, with 64mb RAM(HAHAHA).

Want to spend a maximum of £300-350 to get a new mobo, 256mb RAM (maybe 512mb), athlon chip (with heatsink), and big HDD (say about 40gb).

Is there anyone out there who can recommend the above and the relevant websites?? I know this is a tall order but it would be greatly appreciated. I also have win 98 on it but suspect that for large amount of RAM i will have to upgrade to another version of windows?
If anyone knows of a good (basic) website to help me put it all in (upgrading for dummies!) then that too would be welcome.

Thanks for your help as always!

  Diemmess 15:25 27 Jan 2003

Too much to alter ---- you will probably need new case as well.

Think about replacement of the entire box.

Novatech offer a range of boxes only, or their Blueprint service where you choose the components online and modify or scrap your design as you please. Clever interaction takes care of incompatibility and updates the cost as you go.

I mention Novatech because I have used them but there are others, and it is no cheaper if you build or rebuild yourself.

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