upgrade to OSX 10.9 without internet connection

  guy3145 13:06 04 Nov 2015

now i have 10.8. how can i accomplish this task? thanks guy

  Macworld 11:18 05 Nov 2015

Why don't you have an internet connection? Is this just a temporary issue?

Is it a laptop, could you bring it into work and update there?

Another option is to share your connection from your phone, if you are able. I had to do that once with a minor update as my WiFi wasn't working.

Another option would be to copy the installation files from another Mac and install them at home. Here's how to make a bootable instal drive: click here, I think Apple offers the OS on a drive for enterprise use, because it's easier to do the install that way, but I'm not sure they would do the same for a normal consumer, and I don't know what process you would have to go through to get that.

I think you need to take your Mac to somewhere where you can get online if you can't at home!


  guy3145 19:12 05 Nov 2015

thanks for your reply i forgot about the option to get internet through my phone. but can i upgrade from 10.8 to 10.9 online? someone told me that apple removed that version from the store. is that correct?

  Macworld 10:29 06 Nov 2015

You are correct, it's not available to download anymore. This kind of makes sense because Yosemite requires exactly the same specs as El Capitan, so Apple doesn't need to still offer the old version, because if you were going to upgrade to Yosemite your Mac would be capable of running El Capitan.

To be honest, there's not a lot in El Capitan that wasn't in Yosemite, so going whole hog and updating to El Capitan won't make a big difference to you in the scheme of things.

  guy3145 11:26 06 Nov 2015

Thanks again for the reply! I need to upgrade to version 10.9 for qa testing for the company that i work in. How can i acomplish that?

  Macworld 10:58 09 Nov 2015

We're planning a story on this later this week... But we don't know right now!

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