Update of latest Apple iOS 11 version

  Bas5473 16:12 07 Nov 2017

Is the latest update of IOS 11 causing problems with emails, my emails deliver then delete themselves now since I updated the latest version of Apple iOS 11 2 days ago, is this a known fault, as my service provider seems to think this problem is related to the update,as they have received several complaints in the last few days, from their customers.

  Bas5473 17:15 10 Nov 2017

I am right up to date with iOS updates, unfortunately, Manx.net, our service provider, took nearly a week to own up that a lot of Manx.net email addresses, have been hacked into, consequently they locked everyone’s email account but no one was informed. I have been contacting them every day for a week and they finally admitted that it was their fault not Apple, absolutely disgusting service, after I spent over an hour and a half online with someone called Barton in New York, an advisor from Apple, from midnight onwards. He was ever so helpful and we both decided the best option would be to contact Manx Telecom as it is definitely a fault with them, so back ringing them again for next few days. Quite often it can be an update but my iPad was not updated, so I realised it was not a fault from the update.

  john bunyan 17:17 11 Nov 2017

I have just noticed , with Ios 11.1.1 that when I want to send a message in my preferred way, Ie in phone Contacts, I used to get the contact up then select "send message". The message box would appear. Now, if I try that, when I select "send message" then the past messages box appears so I have to press the pen icon and select the addressee again. Am I alone?

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