Update of latest Apple iOS 11 version

  Bas5473 16:12 07 Nov 2017

Is the latest update of IOS 11 causing problems with emails, my emails deliver then delete themselves now since I updated the latest version of Apple iOS 11 2 days ago, is this a known fault, as my service provider seems to think this problem is related to the update,as they have received several complaints in the last few days, from their customers.

  bremner 16:24 07 Nov 2017

There was an issue with iOS 11 with Outlook and Exchane email. This was fixed with an update. Mack sure you are updated to 11.1

  Bas5473 16:31 07 Nov 2017

I updated the latest version 11.1 on Sunday, it is since that update this has happened.

It is a Manx service provider, so not related to U.K. providers.

  Govan1x 23:15 09 Nov 2017

11.1,01 is out now to fix bugs.

  Govan1x 23:16 09 Nov 2017

Oops 11.1.1 update. Today

  bremner 09:00 10 Nov 2017

11.1.1 fixes the keyboard issue whereby the iPhone X could not type the letter I

and a minor glitch with Siri

  john bunyan 12:24 10 Nov 2017

How to get 11.1.1 without first downloading 11? I think my phone is on v 10.3.3 and I have held off v11 due to adverse comments.

  Pine Man 12:36 10 Nov 2017

I stand to be corrected but whatever version you are on it will automatically download and install the latest version, if, of course, your device is suitable for the latest update.

  john bunyan 13:59 10 Nov 2017

I have a 6s; the download on offer via software updates (not yet downloaded) says v 11

  bremner 14:55 10 Nov 2017

I am with Pine Man - if you accept the download I believe you will get 11.1.1

  john bunyan 16:47 10 Nov 2017

Thanks all - it did indeed update to 11.1.1

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