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Unable to install OS X onto new hard drive.

  Brawdy14 10:30 30 Sep 2018


I'm writing from my new 27inch iMac running macOS Mojave. I bought my previous iMac in 2009, a 24 inch 2008 model. It was running OS X El Capitan.

The hard drive failed. I have personally removed it and installed a brand new WD 1TB SATA hard drive. My problem now is that I cannot install a Mac operating system and wonder why that should be. I've tried to use my original set-up DVDs which were supplied with my computer (Leopard) and also via a genuine Snow Leopard DVD which I purchased in September 2009.

'Something' on the machine appears to be preventing the installation.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what that 'something' might be?

Ideas welcomed!

  bremner 14:53 30 Sep 2018

What message do you get when the installation fails?

And have you formatted the drive in Disk Utility from the DVD before attempting the install

  Brawdy14 18:52 30 Sep 2018

There have been NO messages!

I did get to this stage with the Snow Leopard DVD:-

click here was able to format the new hard drive using Disk Utility as evidenced here:-

click here I went to 'Continue' I was then able to read and accept Apple's T&C. I next saw the icon/image of a disk. Even before clicking on the image, the screen went blank and the installation ceased.

I've tried this on more than one occasion with the same result.

I hope this helps.

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