Tunes Purchases - An unknown error occurred (-54)

  Belfastboy 14:52 03 Dec 2018

I recently purchased a few music albums and films from iTunes which were subsequently downloaded to my iMac. However I also received this error message " There was a problem downloading “Bridge Over Troubled Water / Seventies Anthems / Simon & Garfunkel”. An unknown error occurred (-54). " for each item I purchased.

I subsequently discovered that all the purchases were successfully downloaded to my other Apple devices, namely my iPhone, iPad and another iMac. The iMac that I am having the problem with was recently wiped clean and a fresh install of Mojave done. My music library and relevant iTune files are on an external hard drive.

Trusting someone can help me with this problem.

  bremner 17:35 04 Dec 2018

Had a similar use a while ago and this is the fix that Apple sent me -

Go to User(your home folder)/Music >Select/highlight your "Music" folder. You will need to go to external drive where your files are located

Then press Command-I ("Get Info" from the File menu), click on the padlock icon in the lower right of the new window >Enter your user password.

Click on your username just above the now-open padlock >Select "Read & Write" if it's on "Read Only," "Write Only," or "No Access."

Now having your user account with "Read & Write" privileges (it may have been this way already; still do this next step), click on the gear on the bottom-center of that window.

Click on "Apply to all enclosed items." When the pop-up says "Are you sure?" (or the equivalent), say "yes." This will grant access privileges to your user account for all the music files inside your music folder--all your iTunes stuff included).

Once the above instruction is performed, kindly try download the song via iTunes in the cloud and this below article will guide you on re-downloadng the track for free of cost:

  gnc220 18:23 05 Dec 2018

successfully downloaded to my other Apple devices, namely my iPhone, click here

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