Trying to run a programme from USB

  SammyB35 03:44 12 Oct 2017

Hi, I'm trying to run a language learning application called Anki from a USB. All of the user data is on a USB and I want to be able to run the programme from that USB so that I can take the user data with me and use it on different Macs. On the programme website, it gives the following instructions:

"On a Mac there is no easy way to alter the behaviour when clicking on the Anki icon, but it is possible to start Anki with a custom base folder from a terminal:

open /Applications/ --args -b ~/myankifolder

Would someone be able to explain to me what I have to do? I can't understand the instructions.

Thanks! Sam

  BRYNIT 08:53 12 Oct 2017

Never used Anki myself but after finding the web site and read the instruction manual I found the instruction "Running from a Flash drive". If you look under the heading Managing Files and your Collection it should give you more information. Hopefully the instructions below will help.

Anki can be installed on a USB / flash drive and run as a portable application:

Copy the \Program Files\Anki folder to the flash drive, so you have a folder like G:\Anki.

Create a text file called G:\anki.bat with the following text: anki\anki.exe -b \ankidata

If you would like to prevent the black command prompt window from remaining open, you can instead use: start /b anki\anki.exe -b \ankidata

Double-clicking on anki.bat should start Anki with the user data stored in G:\ankidata

The instructions above may not be clear. When it says Create a text file called G:\anki.bat what it means is to save the file to your USB as anki.bat (.bat being the file extension instead of .text)

  wee eddie 21:50 14 Oct 2017

Just a thought. I have been told that Macs are remarkably picky about the Software that they run.

Are you sure that you have the correct version

  Pine Man 16:21 15 Oct 2017

It isn't likely to be his Mac being picky. I have never had a problem with any software designed to run on a far;-)

Anki is open source software designed to run on various systems. It's more likely that he is using the wrong version of Anki with the wrong version of MacOS. Older versions need a different Anki version and vice versa.

There is a lot of help available on their website through their knowledge base. Maybe that's where he should be looking.

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