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Trouble transferring photos from CF card to iPad.

  Thereferee21 07:47 24 Mar 2018

I cannot get my photos to upload from an SD card or Cf card to my iPad.

  bremner 11:31 25 Mar 2018

Have you bought the adapter click here?

  Newuser4165 09:57 31 Mar 2018

Copying a file from an external source such as a memory card to an ipad can be a bit of a pain even when using the adapter mentioned by bremner.The easiest way I find is to email it to yourself but you may run into problems if there are a lot of large files.Otherwise you can use Itunes which again involves a lot of faffing around.You don't get these problems using a MAC - only with ipads.

  bremner 11:07 31 Mar 2018

I have to say that I have never had any problem in the last 4 years uploading from an SD card to any of mine, my wife or my daughters iPads using an Apple adapter.

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