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Trouble with printing since upgrading to Sierra

  artycrafty41 17:45 11 Jan 2017

Has anyone had the same trouble as I seem to be having since upgrading to Sierra. I was printing a photo and it came out with half the photo missing and looking really weird and it said a filter had failed. I then tried printing in another program some clipart and it printed looking like some abstract art. I got in touch with Canon as I thought it was my printer and was told to take it to one of their repair people. I went out and bought a new latest model printer and the same thing has happened with that. It states every time that a filter has failed. It seems too much of a coincidence for 2 printers to have the same problem and I had used two different programs so it looks like it could be the update as it happen straight after I had upgraded. Help.

  Pine Man 18:46 11 Jan 2017

This is a well documented problem as a Google search will reveal.

Canon have been aware of this for some time and have released a new set of drivers.

Suggest you have a look at the Canon site and, specifically, your model of printer.

I did have the problem and the updated drivers resolved it.

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