Trouble installing bootcamp on new SSD drive

  Cevans19 12:11 18 Apr 2018

Hi all, new poster here-

I'm having trouble installing a new bootcamp partition on my late 2013 iMac that has just had a crucial mx500 2TB SSD professionally installed. The mac came back from them working perfectly with a 2TB APFS partition with High Sierra installed and all my old data transferred.

There are a few facets to the problems I now face getting bootcamp up and running-

1) On my first run through using bootcamp utility to install a fresh version of windows 10 in the usual way (aiming for a mac partition of 1.25GB and windows of 750GB), I got as far as booting up into the windows installer where it asks which partition to install windows on to. I had previously been able to use the 'sliding bar' in bootcamp to select the partition sizes as above. Unfortunately, when I came to select this partition, the windows installed said that this partition could not be used, and needed to be formatted. I continued as the installer requested, 'reformatted' that partition in the installer, but was still unable to continue and install on that partition. Has anyone else come up against this/think why this may be?

2) After exiting the installer and booting back into High Sierra, I see that my Mac partition has indeed reduced in size to the desired 1.25TB, with the remaining 750GB marked as 'free space'. I find I am unable to resize my existing mac partition back to 2TB to start 'afresh'- I cannot drag the mac partition slider to take this space up, and when I try to 'delete' the free space, I get an error message- I will try and post some screenshots below. Can anyone provide a fix for this?

3) Interestingly, the bootcamp assistant suggests a slightly different story to the above. It seems to think that my Mac partition is still at 2TB (see screenshots). N.B- I have approx 360GB of data on my mac partition currently. When I try to click through again on bootcamp assistant, I get an error message stating the the drive cannot be formatted. Again, why would this be and how can I fix it?

I'm really stuck here and don't know how to proceed! Any help moving forward would be appreciated! Ill put as many relevant screenshots below as I can.

Bootcamp assistant errors-

click here readout of disk utility-

click here three disk utility views of the drive/container/mac volume- click here four steps I have tried to delete the free space-

click here thanks everyone for your help, Chris.


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