Transform MAC wireless keyboard to usb powered?

  User-0D9BD161-DC28-4EE3-8AC827A4C4467538 15:45 27 Oct 2015

I have a wireless keyboard and as an environmentally conscious individual I regret buying it instead of a usb powered keyboard, primarily because of the battery use. Has anyone has tried constructing a power cable that can replace the battery connection to the keyboard with a usb adapter? Again the reason to do this would be to avoid wasting a perfectly good keyboard in favour of buying a new one. I get that some people might not see the point in this, but if there are any mac users out there who resonate with this idea perhaps you could point me in the right direction?

  Eliot-2334223 15:48 27 Oct 2015

Ok this just answered my question, I think. click here

  Eliot-2334223 15:50 27 Oct 2015

And this: click here

  Eliot-2334223 15:59 27 Oct 2015

So there is a also a mobee technology magic-charger

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