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Transfer Whole Flack'd CD to ipod touch

  DrLion 12:25 01 May 2020

Just given ipod touch 16GB. My classical music CD collection is stored on NAS as Flac files. All I want to do is transfer a few "Flac CDs" to the ipod, select which is to play all through, and listen. This was easy on my old player - connect over USB, drag and drop CD folders from PC, locate CD's folder on the device with "Files" and . The device would then play the CD's folder contents in order, whether Flac music or mp3'd book (no need to learn about tagging either)

I have no wish to store anything on the ipod, just change the few CD's now and then. I have no need of playlists, songs, artists and all the other paraphenalia. How can I transfer CDs,transcoded to ALAC to appropriately manually named folders, select one and play the contents on this device? Ipod/itunes Guides ignore this possibility, or disguise it well! Is ther some other software that can do this?

(Win 10 + updates itunes latest, on line guides)

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