transfer of photos from PC to iPad in wrong order

  gjn2 10:41 26 Oct 2012

Having cut down the number of photos taken on holiday, I re-numbered them 01, 02, etc by the re-naming facility which sorted them all into the order I wanted on the PC and I put them in a new folder. When I transferred the folder to an iPad the order was lost and they appear to have been re-sorted in date order. I don't seem to be able to alter or delete the date on the PC.

How can I get the photos in the correct order on the iPad ?

  lotvic 10:48 26 Oct 2012

Not got an iPad but is it like windows where you can click on whichever column heading you want to sort into order?

  gjn2 12:19 26 Oct 2012

Thanks for the thought, Iotvic. There doesn't seem to be the equivalent on an iPad of the F! key on a PC so I can't search. There's a 198 page user manual on line but it doesn't help ! I'm unaware of the sort facility you mention (other than in XL) Does it by any chance offer the facility to change the date on a photo ? If I could do that, hopefully the iPad would sort into the order of the new dates if I re-sent the file to it.

  lotvic 12:46 26 Oct 2012

I found this info on macforum Sorting photos on the iPad it seems iPad sorts by the EXIF metadata (date taken) but there are ways to get them sorted by Name. Most of solutions are on lower half of page.

  gjn2 16:58 30 Oct 2012

Thanks again, Iotvic. I have found a way to alter the "date taken" for each photo (on each photo right click Properties, then left click Details, change two dates to ficticious entries in required order, Apply, OK) and that puts them more or less in the right order. Why there are still odd ones out of sequence baffles me.

I'm not sure what EXIF data is but I'll play around some more with the ideas in the link you sent to see if I can get a perfect order but if not, I'll make do with what I have.

Thanks again for your help


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