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Transfer music from iTouch to MacBook

  Ken Canfield 21:28 12 May 2020

Could anyone please advise how I can transfer my iTunes music from an old iTouch to my MacBook Air 2 (2012 vintage). Thanks.

  mgmcc 11:59 13 May 2020

Have a look at MobiMover from EaseUS which I use and it is great for moving files between Mac and iOS devices, or between iOS devices

  Ken Canfield 19:24 13 May 2020

mcmcc - thank you for your reply. Unfortunately MobiMover comes up with an error message saying it only supports devices with iOS 8 or higher. My iTouch device is iOS 5.1.1 and so the app does not go ahead with the transfer. I have tried other apps which offer a transfer service but I keep coming up with the same problems on the iTouch software being old. Ken

  john bunyan 12:05 16 May 2020


With apologies to Ken, but I found this programme brilliant - thanks. In the process of installing a new iPhone so saved all the old stuff on desktop prior as a back up.

  bremner 13:54 16 May 2020

What generation I’d the Touch?

  Ken Canfield 22:49 16 May 2020

It is a 3rd generation , model MC011LL.

  bremner 09:27 17 May 2020

As the 3rd Generation iPod Touch can only run up to iOS 5.1.1 you can't do anything about that.

This says it works with iOS 5 click here - I have never used it and can therefore not vouch for it in any way - I simply found it by Googling.

  Ken Canfield 22:25 17 May 2020

bremner, thanks for this. I've tried it and it looks very promising. Easy to install, very straightforward to use and it has transferred most of my iTunes to my MacBook Air. There's a couple of glitches I need to follow up on. It did not transfer some of the tunes but this may because my MacBook Air disk is almost full. And it copies all the tunes from all the albums to one large alphabetical list on the MacBook - no album folder information transferred so unless I am not using the app correctly it looks like a long task of separating some 2000 + tunes manually. However, a good start. Thanks for the pointer. Have a great day. Ken.

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