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Transfer i tunes FROM iPhone to PC

  john bunyan 07:25 06 Jul 2018

My laptop had a motherboard failure and I have a replacement PC. I am looking for a simple way to copy my iTunes that are on my iPhone back to the new PC. Google offers suggestions but it seems a bit tricky. There is a programme called iExplore that looks good but there are restrictions on the amount for the free version. Any recommendations? I tried to get the music folder from a Macrium image of the old PC but was denied access.

  Pine Man 12:53 06 Jul 2018

Maybe I'm looking at this a bit simplistically but I have iTunes on my Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad and all of the tunes used on those devices have been downloaded from iTunes.

Soooooo if I got a new device surely all I would have to do is install iTunes on it then log into my iTunes account and download all the tunes I need to my new device.

Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick.....or no end at all??

  john bunyan 15:16 06 Jul 2018

Pine Man

You are quite right if you have the tunes on a PC and you get a new phone. My situation is the reverse; my tunes are on my phone but as the PC had a motherboard failure I have no access to the old hard drive, so I am seeking, having installed iTunes on the new PC , to transfer my music FROM iPhone TO PC. I have a Macrium image of the old HD but it won’t give me access to the music folder from the broken PC. Reverse Synch is what I want. There were too many tunes to keep in iCloud and not all were bought from iTunes, some were ripped from CDs etc.

  Pine Man 15:34 06 Jul 2018

Ahhhh I see.

Presumably you can still download those you bought from iTunes but as for the others the only way I know is by using iExplorer but that seems to have restrictions which aren't appropriate for your proposal.

Sorry I can't help further.

  john bunyan 17:39 06 Jul 2018

Thanks, I am sure I have backups somewhere; I thought it would be easier to try to get the My Music folder from the Macrium image of the broken PC but so far it denies access, I guess because it was made on another PC albeit an identical one.

  wee eddie 19:36 06 Jul 2018

I thought that one of the things about iTunes was that all you needed to do was to Log In and you then had access to everything you have ever bought

  john bunyan 20:08 06 Jul 2018

*wee eddie *

Yes , but a few years ago I ripped most of my record collection to mp3 format in I tunes so many tunes in my library are not from Apple. I have backups scattered around but would have preferred a way to simply reverse synchiing. I think there is a way to use an iPhone as an hdd if you know your way around the filing system . My search goes on.

  john bunyan 20:36 06 Jul 2018

I may buy AnyTrans for $40 which does the job.

  john bunyan 12:20 07 Jul 2018

I found my back up of I tunes from old pc and replaced new I tines folder with the old one.

  Pine Man 12:34 07 Jul 2018

Excellent news!!

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