TIME machine modem problems in Windows 2000?

  Murray 21:17 07 Jul 2003

a friend of mine has a Time computer running windows 98, and recently asked me to instal windows 2000 for him.

I did this and everything went went, except for the modem. I found several windows 2000 drivers for the modem, which in win98 says it is "56k k56flex HSP PCI Modem"

I installed the driver, all went well even the modem diagnostics worked, but when I tried to dial, it says no Dial Tone, and leaves the phone on hook - even after cancelling. One driver I had messed up the OS and i had to reinstall it.

There are no conflicts.

Any thoughts - I will try another driver, does anyone have a time machine like this - it is a AMD K6-2 500 MHz?

  alnwrd 21:58 07 Jul 2003

change the modem setting by not checking the "wait for dial tone box"
Sometimes BT answerphone will alter the dial tone after a message has been left,and then modem the does not hear a dial tone and will not connect.

  Murray 22:47 07 Jul 2003

might try that, but I'm sure its a driver problem of some sort.

He doesnt use 1571 or anything like that, it seems to have a problem picking up and dropping the line...

  Murray 23:02 07 Jul 2003

I should have said everything went well...

In win98 the modem was called "V90 K56Flex HSP PCI Modem"

  Murray 23:08 07 Jul 2003

I should add that the Windows 98 driver was provided by PC Tel, though I dont know for sure if they made the modem, I am getting the latest drivers from click here at the moment

promise to let you know how i get on - otherwise you have my permission to shoot me.

  woodchip 23:11 07 Jul 2003

This could be a Init string modem fault, check click here for help

  woodchip 23:17 07 Jul 2003

What does it say in the Modem Extra settings box

  Murray 23:19 07 Jul 2003

thanks woodchip,

I'll ask him what settings he has in win98 - I guess just copy them across to win2000 - I have them dual booting at the moment so he can keep working.

...but surely the modem should work even with the standard init strings?

  woodchip 23:45 07 Jul 2003

Not always

  Murray 17:38 08 Jul 2003

Still no luck - even with a new init string and ignoring the dial tone. If I listen in on the phone when it tries to dial, the modem picks up, then the dial tone goes a bit qieter, then it says there is no dial tone....

if i hang up and lift the phone again, it is dead.

The only possible thing that i could think was wrong, was that I couldnt find motherboard drivers for windows 2000. I do not know what board it has inside.

the model was a Time - 332J01GB2 - AMD 500/ALi

any ideas on how to find out what motherboard it has in it, or how to get a driver for it - i think this is the only way forward.

could this maybe be messing up the COM ports?

  madPentium 18:04 08 Jul 2003

To save a lot of hassle why not go to pcworld and pick up a modem for £12?

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