Is there any equivalent of "usb on the go" for ipa

  canarieslover 21:55 28 Dec 2017

After many years of Windows and Android I rather fancy getting an ipad. One of the useful things the tablets I have owned is that they all have facility for micro sd cards which I find very useful when going on holiday as I can carry music and books on one card and films on another card. I also carry any documents I need on a further card if necessary. I know I can put all this on iCloud but I sometimes holiday where internet connections are slow at best and impossible at worst hence my question, is there an eqivalent to 'USB on the go' that will enable me to carry my data on some portable storage device. I know there are 128Gb versions available but as it is really oing to be a step into the unknown for me I would rather save money by buying a 32Gb version and keeping my data separate. A solution will enable me to decide whether I go ahead with the purchase of an ipad or not.

  Menzie 23:41 28 Dec 2017

There is but unfortunately it is more costly and less elegant than a Micro-SD hidden away in a dedicated slot.

You have something like this.

There are options that allow portable HDDs as well such as this.

  canarieslover 07:25 29 Dec 2017

Menzie Thanks for the links, though neither look a very elegant solution and I am concerned that the first option has a review complaining that the connecting cable did not come with it! I shall look further into it but the Verbatim solution fits my requirements better as it will enable me to keep separate media for different data.

  john bunyan 14:46 29 Dec 2017

Have you looked at Samsung tablets ?- they have sd cards. Too many to list here but Google Samsung tablets. Maybe you could have different cards for different things

  canarieslover 19:07 29 Dec 2017

john bunyan -I already have two Samsung tablets, though my grandson appears to have taken charge of one for himself. I do have several micro sd cards for various things and am quite happy with using the Samsung. It is just that I would like to see if the grass really was greener on the Apple side of the fence. A case of broadening my horizons but obviously the budget is not totally unlimited. Probably one of the drawbacks of being retired and partially disabled is that I keep looking for different things to do.

  HondaMan 09:47 30 Dec 2017

Have a look here

  canarieslover 18:39 01 Jan 2018

I have had the loan and some tuition on an iPad for the last two days and although I agree it is a nice piece of kit I don't consider it worth the investment just to satisfy a whim on my part. Perhaps when it gets to the time to replace my Samsung I will give it further thought.

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