Terrible wifi on MacBook pro early 2011

  Gasha_D 19:08 11 Mar 2018

I have a macbook pro early 2011 and the wifi is horrendous!. I think it could be an issue with my laptop and not the router because my Iphone is able to use the wifi fine. My router is on the ground floor of my house and my study where I need the wifi to work is 2 floors above this. The router cannot be moved to another location as the current location is the only place in the house that has a phone line. I have a wifi booster that doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Sometimes the wifi will work okay but the majority of the time it won't. One of my roommates lives in the room next to my study and he can use the wifi just fine. I have to actually sit next to the wifi router to be able to load a simple google page. any help is much appreciated.

  wee eddie 20:58 11 Mar 2018

Use a Homeplug set to create a WiFi hotspot on your floor

  bremner 08:51 12 Mar 2018

The problem is unlikely to be the laptop however you do not say whether the connection is good when you connect whilst beside the router. If the connection is good then wee eddie's solution is a good one

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