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Terrible reviews for Apple USB-C cable MacBook 12"

  Amanda S 01:12 17 Feb 2019

TechAdvisor recommended this cable for a MacBook 12", but the 2-meter cable has many many negative reviews, including poor functioning, breaks easily, toxic stink complaints by many customers. See click here THERE A GOOD OPTION?


  Amanda S 01:32 18 Feb 2019

Follow-up: Sorry for typo in previous post. Can anyone suggest a less problem-fraught alternative to Apple's USB cable for MacBook 12" laptop?

  mgmcc 11:41 23 Feb 2019

The cables I use are no longer in stock but very similar to this cable which also provides a "mag safe" type connection to prevent damage if the cable is accidentally pulled.

  Amanda S 13:19 23 Feb 2019

Thank you for your response. Apple is always warning about using non-Apple accessories, but I gather you haven't had any problem?

  mgmcc 13:33 23 Feb 2019

No I haven't had a problem using various third party cables for charging and for connecting external drives. The only cable that I don't actually use is the one supplied by Apple! Often I need a cable that's only about 6" long to connect to an external SSD drive.

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