Tens machine

  Kevscar1 08:34 13 Feb 2010

Is it Ok to use this while I'm on the computer or will the pulses interfere.
This one has the oblong battery. Any idea how long it will last.

  BT 08:48 13 Feb 2010

..on my feet while using the computer. It is a similar type of machine that sends electrical pulses through my feet/legs and runs off a mains adaptor and I've never had any problems with the PC.

My small TENS machine runs off a 2032 lithium battery and it lasts for months.

  Kevscar1 09:46 13 Feb 2010

Need to use mine on my hand. Wondered if the pulses would hae any effect throuh the keyboard.

  octal 09:50 13 Feb 2010

I test those things and the battery should last some considerable time. It won't have any effect on your computer at all.

  morddwyd 09:53 13 Feb 2010

Using one as I post.

No problem (except I have it on "Pulse" which makes the thumb twitch!".

  Kevscar1 10:02 13 Feb 2010


  Hercule Marple 10:32 13 Feb 2010

I used one in a desperate attempt to fix a lower back injury in 2007. I used it for hours at a stretch while I was online with no ill effects. Didn't fix the problem, mind. Only time did that.

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