TEMS Machine

  crosstrainer 06:53 12 Nov 2009

Anyone know anything about these devices? I am being fitted for one next week. Apparently it sends an electric pulse to strengthen my damaged leg muscle.

Surgeon will not remove leg due to strong probability of "Ghost" pain.

No anti forum medical jargon please....Just wonder if anyone has used these )also used for chronic back pain apparently) :))

  crosstrainer 06:54 12 Nov 2009

TENS machine:

click here

  Monoux 07:04 12 Nov 2009

My mother in law used one for several years and found it invaluable for her back pain

  tullie 07:05 12 Nov 2009

Dont know of this machine but i had a leg removed about 5 years ago and experience phantom pains quite regulary,its no big deal.But of course you are better keeping the leg if possible.

  wiz-king 07:07 12 Nov 2009

I have used one on several occasions for back pain. Played about with it for muscle stimulation but not for a real problem. You might need rechargeable batteries if you need it for hours as they get expensive to run on disposables.

  crosstrainer 07:10 12 Nov 2009

I was preparing myself for it, and it may yet come to pass. I find the list of things I'm not allowed / can't do very frustrating....Acupuncture was considered for the pain, but rejected due to the ulceration on my leg.

I have to limit my time at my new PC to basic stuff (moan) new graphics, new games, but am using an xbox with wireless controls so that I can follow orders and recline on the settee.

  crosstrainer 07:11 12 Nov 2009

It comes with a rechargeable pack, and I don't think I have to wear it at night, just during the day. If it works then great...Worth a try as they said.

  wee eddie 07:25 12 Nov 2009

If the TENS machine does not work, after a decent period of trial, then there is always the option to remove the leg.

If he removes the leg. That's it. No other options.

By the way, my father had only one leg and a prosthesis, it slowed him down somewhat but he managed a creditable game of Tennis and managed to dance lamentably. My mother used to say, regarding his dancing skills, that he had had two left feet before, and that reducing him to one was something of a mercy.

  morddwyd 07:36 12 Nov 2009

My wife swears by hers (muscle pain because of overuse in the unaffected side of her body following two strokes).

I find it valuable for some arthritic pain, useless for some others. Sometimes a 30 minute session will keep pain back for days.

Give it a good trial. It can take a bit of getting used to, and a while to become effective.

  carver 08:31 12 Nov 2009

I had to use one for several years after a bad accident,and I still use it now several times a week. I don't know if the person who has advised you to use one has explained how they work but they stimulate the muscle and also help to release Endorphins.

It's the last part that is the most useful, as it will help to relieve any associated pain, and as it's a natural product released by your body, no side effects.

Don't expect miracles, it could take several weeks before you notice any improvement,and you should only need to use it for a limited time every day.

They do work but they can become addictive, just hope it works for you, if it doesn't you can't sue because you won't have a leg to stand on.

  wolfie3000 08:33 12 Nov 2009

Yeh iv used one, had as much affect as seeing a witch doctor.

I can only speak from experience though, but was utterly useless.
To me its just as helpful as spiritual healing.

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