Talk Talk MAC code problem

  zincy 19:54 12 Apr 2006

Hello there!!

My dad is having problem getting a MAC code from Talk Talk broadband.. We have sent many emails and phoned them up many times! Each time they say we send it in next 48hours or we give you a call back in 10mins and many more excuses that i cannot remember! This has been going on for over a month. Can they do this?


  oresome 20:08 12 Apr 2006

Can they do this? They already have.

Instigate their complaints procedure.

22.2. If You have a complaint, please send Us a letter to this address (Talk Talk Telecom Limited, Customer Care Department, 1 Portal Way, London W3 6RS) or an e-mail to this address [email protected]).

I would send a letter rather than a e-mail.

  Stuartli 20:09 12 Apr 2006

Complain to Ofcom:

click here

Also see:

click here

Mind you with free BB now available do you really want to switch?

click here

  SEASHANTY 20:26 12 Apr 2006

There is already a webpage indicating existing customers can be switched to the new arrangements :

click here

  zincy 20:32 12 Apr 2006

Yes i heard about their new package..Its very appealing, however with new pakages it takes time to develop, where they might have slow downs or many disconnect especially with the hype, so it may be over laoded their server.. I was planning on giving it a year to see how it plans out

  Stuartli 21:33 12 Apr 2006

That's pure speculation...:-)

  chrisbt123 17:38 22 Oct 2006

Hi, I strongly advise you NOT to choose talktalk. They are fine for phone, but they know NOTHING about broadband. Our connection keeps dropping, and we have had a technichian to our house and he says we are doing everything all right, but they arn't. They CANNOT cope. They have said they will ring me back saturday morning as they are on a busy time schedule. That's what they're there for, to give advice there and then, not say later on in the week!!!!Want my advice? Go with sky when they come out or go with tiscali. I hope they let us rebrand, we still have 12 months remaining on our contract...

  Stuartli 20:03 22 Oct 2006

My TalkTalk broadband and phone service is running smoothly enough and with 1.8-1.9MB connection speeds on a 2MB service - about the best you can get no matter who the ISP.

I was with Tiscali previously and was glad to leave in the end after eight years with it (since the WorldOnline days).

  terryf 01:19 23 Oct 2006

I managed to get a MAC from talktalk by asking my local Trading Standards to help, letter from them to talktalk resulted in email offering MAC very quickly BUT you must give them a valid reason why they should intervene (mine was throttling after promising unlimited downloads in a letter).

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