Talk Talk MAC code

  chrism1892 15:56 20 Jul 2006

First of all hi to everyone first time poster here!

Right to the point has anyone ever managed to get a MAC code out of talk talk? And if so how long did it take?

I think i'm going for a record, up to now i have been waiting 64 days and guess what they disconnected me yesterday so now i am totally without any kind of internet at home. (I'm at work at the mo!)

I filled the request form for a MAC code 2 months ago and after about a dozen half an hour phone calls to their "support" line have still failed in getting my MAC code. They kept promising this and guaranteeing me things.

Now after 16 months of being contracted to them which initially was a 12 month contract they are surely breaking some kind of law by not allowing me to migrate to another provider. Any advice on what to do next would be appreciated. I have also e-mailed them many times but had no joy as they keep saying ring customer support.

Is anyone else in the same situation or been through the same rigmarole of getting out of TT.

If i don't reply quickly it's because i'm not at work!


  [email protected] 16:16 20 Jul 2006

try posting here

click here

  zincy 17:17 20 Jul 2006

Well I tried to get my MAC code off talk talk a few months ago. It only took 8 phone calls and about 10 emails to get mine. I got mine in about a month and a half. They keep coming up with excuses like we send it straight away or like we send it in next 48hours etc...

  georgemac © 19:32 20 Jul 2006

if you are disconnected you no longer need a MAC code, try and sign up with one of the big providers with a broadband number checker (tiscali) and it should show that broadband is available for you - may take a couple of weeks to get reconnected now though

  terryf 20:22 20 Jul 2006

I got one very quickly with the help of local trading standards

  chrism1892 09:52 21 Jul 2006

Thanks for the replies it seems there are quite a few in the same situation as me and by looking around a few forums some are even worse off. I've e-mailed them the following it's a bit long winded but you will see how much i've had to put up with!

Dear Talk Talk aka Talk S***e

I am having to send this e-mail at work as you have cut me off.

Day 1:-
First of all i request a MAC code through an e-mail disconnection request form you sent to my e-mail on the 18th May 2006 to be told i will receive one within 4-5 days.

Day 7:-
Ring asking where it is get told it takes 15 days to process a MAC code so i wait and still didn't get a MAC code. (UK call centre)

Day 40:-
Ring again after 40 days asking what the hell you are doing to be told that quote your service team "you will receive a call today sir with the MAC code sorry for the delays & inconvenience", needless to say no phone call was received. (UK call centre)

Day 49:-
Speak to your call centre again this time the one based in India now i'm being told that i will receive a phone call confirming my MAC code and also an e-mail.

Day 55:-
Again get through to the call centre in India and am now told that you have no record of me ever requesting a MAC code and that i will have to go through the rigmarole of a disconnection request form again. I tell your support team that this is not good enough and that i have been waiting for 2 months already. I am told that your company can guarantee that a MAC code will be sent within 7 days as you finally admit that it is all down to a lack of communication, failure in recording my queries/requests and a lack of customer knowledge.

Day 62:-
Now it seems you have cancelled my adsl connection all together from you service. Try at least 30 times to get through to your customer services by phone with no joy at all.

Day 63:-
Again after trying umpteen times to contact you it has got to this point. From all your records you will see that all bills you send have been paid fully and on time with no problems so now why do you deny me my right to migrate to another supplier after been with you for now 16-17 months? Originally i signed for a 12 month contract which should have expired months ago but due to your company not playing by the rules you have squeezed & squeezed extra months of payments out of me by denying me the MAC code.

I would like some questions answering,

Why after all the requests haven't i still got a MAC code?

Why do you make promises saying you will supply MAC codes?

Why do your customer services helpline lie?

Does your customer services learn from the same textbook?

Will i ever get a MAC code & when?

Explain why i have been dis-connected from your service?

Now due to Talk Talk's complete incompetence i am unable to migrate to another company. Can you supply me with a MAC code and re-connect me to your service until i migrate as you are duty bound in the terms & conditions to supply me with a service i am paying over the top for.

The next bill you send me should surely only be for the first half of this month (July) as you, not me have cancelled the service.

Also unless you supply me with a MAC code all direct debits will be cancelled.

When (if?) you reply could you please not bother saying contact customer service on 0870.... because as you can tell i have had too many problems with your so call "helpline". The only resolution to my grievances is you to supply a MAC code immediately.

Phone calls made by myself were recorded and indeed i have plenty of evidence that proves the promises and guarantees Talk Talk made to me when speaking to your support team.

In anticipation of your reply.


  jamescrocket 20:03 21 Jul 2006

I stayed clear of talk talk because i did not think they could provide the service i wanted and i was sadly right.

I suggest you write to the carphonewarehouses ceo charles dunstone who states:

Our Five Fundamental Rules are:

If we don't look after the customer, someone else will.

Nothing is gained by winning an argument but losing a customer.

Always deliver what we promise. If in doubt, under promise and over deliver.

Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

The reputation of the whole company is in the hands of each individual.

If you can't get hold of Mr Dunstone to complain then go to click here and for £3 download the company info, this will provide you with names & addresses of directors, who you may wish to contact directly. Sometimes this approach has the desired results!!

  oresome 20:19 21 Jul 2006

Any organisation can have "fundamental rules", "customer charters", "visions" and all the rest.

It's how they behave in practise that counts.

  georgemac © 09:25 23 Jul 2006

I agree they have treated you terribly.

Why do you want them to reconnect you so you can then migrate to a different supplier?

Why don't you sign up to a new supplier now if you have been disconnected from Talk Talk?

  spuds 10:36 23 Jul 2006

Ask Ofcom for advice click here If they haven't got the answer, then they will direct you to someone that as.

A couple of other possible helpful links Otelo click here ISPA click here

  Stuartli 10:57 23 Jul 2006

The current problem with TalkTalk is that it has probably expanded its Help and Customer Service divisions too quickly.

You never know whether you are going to be answered by someone in Preston or other part of the UK or one of the Asian centres.

The UK staff are sometimes helpful and sometimes deliberately pretend they can't hear you and cut you off.

The Asian centres, in contrast, whilst sometimes proving difficult to understand the staff, are always 100 per cent polite, helpful and keen to put you on the right track.

They also prove that they are intelligent and well educated, something that will not surprise many of us.

I suspect that they also have to work somewhat difficult/unsocial hours because of the time zone between Asia and the UK.

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