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System files are taking up ALL my storage!

  Jules Hutchins 05:28 26 Jun 2019

My mac air has 120GB total space but 114GB is used up with "system" files. I have deleted many files within my Library following the advice Ive found online and Ive used CleanMyMac religiously. Unfortunately none of these actions have been effective and Ive essentially run out of disposable files to delete. All my school work is on my iCloud (5GB storage). My problem is that I cannot locate whatever is using all this storage. I checked how much space each main file is using: Applications has 4GB, Library has 3GB, System has 9GB and Users has 10GB. By all accounts I should have plenty of storage. I've had this issue for a while now. Usually I would just delete a few things but the problem has built up to the point where my mac is almost unusable. Please help.

I have a macOS Sierra 10.12.6

  Jollyjohn 10:18 26 Jun 2019

Download and install Omni Disksweeper click here This was recomended to me by Apple support when I was sorting a Mac with storage issues.
It will list files by size, my issue was a rogue Log File that had reached 888GB!!

  bremner 11:25 28 Jun 2019

I had this issue recently and you will find that OmniDiskSweeper will show the true size of the System File, however this does not get you the phantom disk space back. Apple Support tried many resolutions none of which were successful. I found a potential fix online, which ultimately resolved the issue for me. I then passed this on to Apple Support.

The fix is to create a full Time Machine Back Up of your computer and then restore the computer to that backup.

  bremner 11:35 28 Jun 2019

I misread a bit of your posting. Click on the Apple logo top left and choose About this Mac, click Storage and then Manage - what size does this say the System file is? Compare this to what you see in Omnidisksweeper. Is the Apple reported size is much greater than the Omni reported size?

If so before considering the Time Machine route I have described I would upgrade the machine to Mojave as this will overwrite the System file (always do Time Machine backup before the upgrade)

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