Synchronising Outlook between Windows PC and OS2 Apple Mac Book

  [email protected] 07:26 18 Nov 2013

I am not very IT savvy. I am a very heavy Outlook user. I am very sensitive about security and paranoid about back up; I have a Windows 7 desktop PC running the MS 2007 suite. I presently also run a similar software Windows 7 PC laptop. I synchronise all files and Windows Explorer between the 2 machines every time I leave the office, the desktop also backs up to a Raid array external drive. Pretty big files, total disk filled c. 225 GB. Laptop (3 years old) is getting creaky, slow and full. Based on advice that it would all easily be compatible I have purchased an Apple MacBook Pro. I would prefer to operate it using its OS2 system and not compartmentalise it and run Windows…..loosing many of the apparent advantages of this beautiful piece of kit. with help I have sorted how to synchronise all my working files BUT Outlook is proving impossible for me. Can you please advise a way to allow me to continue using Outlook on both the PCs and the Apple within OS2. I am advised that there is some way of doing this by changing my e-mail settings to use IMAP and not POP for both receiving and sending my Windows based and OS based systems will automatically synchronise every time they connect to web……I understand none of this….just parroting what I have been told. There may be a better and simple way.

  jaywoo 12:54 20 Nov 2013

Can't advise you on the Mac but for the PC - back up your PST file first and follow these instructions; There's also this

I'd advise changing your username to something other than your email address on here too.

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