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Synchronise IPAQ 3010 on a Vista Machine

  Tycho 10:55 10 Jan 2008

I have Vista Home Premium on my new laptop. I am told that Office 2000 pro will install. Will I be able to install the ActiveSynch software and then synch the old HP310 with Outlook?


  anskyber 10:59 10 Jan 2008

I think it's been replaced in Vista with the mobile device center. click here the explanation click here

  scotty 13:59 10 Jan 2008

The mobile device centre will not work with older versions of Outlook. You will need Outlook 2003 or newer. If you use an older version Vista, in its inimitable way, suggests a solution - update to the newer Microsoft software!

Without a new version of Outlook you will be able to copy files but syncing calendars etc. will not be possible.

  Tycho 14:31 10 Jan 2008

I have Pocket PC version 4.20.0. Will that do for the mobile device centre?

  Tycho 14:32 10 Jan 2008

Windows Calendar, Contacts etc. which are supplied with Vista won't do, then?


  scotty 15:57 10 Jan 2008

I was unable to sync with Windows Calendar. If I remember correctly, mobile device centre does not give you the option to sync calendar unless you have Outlook installed. I would be interested to know if you find a way to do this.

  Tycho 16:52 10 Jan 2008

When I originally set up to Synch with Ofice 2K on a W2K machine I read the dire warnings on the box about installing the software before connecting the iPAQ to the computer.

Have you managed to synch using Office 2003 even after experimenting with Windows Calendar?


  Ashrich 22:49 10 Jan 2008

You'll need to download the Vista compatible synch program from click here .


  scotty 11:17 11 Jan 2008

I can sync files but I do not have a copy of Office 2003 to try syncing calendar etc..

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