Swapping HD into another machine

  ollyd1969 14:47 15 Aug 2006

I have a good HD but a burnt out processor, so I have tried installing the HD in a similar machine so I can carry on using the programs it contains. When I tried to boot up it said processor speed changed please go to bios to change settings.
How do I do this, and if I do this will this then work?
The machines are virtually same age, only diff is HD trying to install is running win 2000, HD taken out was running win 98.
Many thanks for your learned advice in advance =)

  xania 16:05 15 Aug 2006

You cannot use an operating system from on e PC on anoter PC unless it has an identical specification. You will need to reinstall Windows before you go any further. You iwll also probably have to reinstall most of your other programs as well. You might get away with resetting your BIOS - you need to press a key during the POST process - your POST screen will tell you what to do, but thast is just the start of your problems. Later on the software will find a load of different hardware on the new motherboard and have to install all that's necessary for that. It might work, but the system will be very lethargic if it works at all.

  phono 16:43 15 Aug 2006

Enter the BIOS by hitting the appropriate key at startup, usually the Del key, choose the setting to set the BIOS to failsafe defaults, save the settings and try booting up.

If this fails you may have to reset the BIOS using the reset jumper, check your motherboard manual, alternatively, remove the CMOS battery for a while, replace and reboot.

If you are lucky Win 2000 may complain about missing drivers but may load them or ask for the disks, it is not the optimum way to go about this, as xania has already said, but it may well work, I know I have carried out a similar fix for a friend but not with Windows 2000 so cannot say for sure.

It may be enough to get you going and able to access your files for backup before a proper format and install.

BTW you will have less trouble if the motherboards have identical chipsets or are at least from the same manufacturer.

  Trackrat 17:04 15 Aug 2006

I would have thought it would be easier, if you have Windows 2000---to install it on a clean drive, and then put your other drive in as a slave drive and copy the programs you want across.

  ollyd1969 15:26 12 Sep 2006

Thanks for your advice guys - muchos appreciatedos


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