Supanet charge for MAC code

  Bailey08787 10:17 16 Feb 2007


I'm looking to leave Supanet with whom I've been with for over two years (so the minimum terms have long since expired).

So I call up to ask for my MAC code, but they won't give it me without charging me a £50 admin fee.

Is this normal??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:30 16 Feb 2007

click here and I would like to see how they can justify the £50.


  Phphred 10:34 16 Feb 2007
  Bailey08787 10:35 16 Feb 2007

"hi jason, iam with supanet and they want £50 to give me a mac code they say someone else deals with this what can i do regards john."

"Hi John

Charging to issue a MAC code is unusual, unfortunately since Supanet is not part of the MAC code of conduct this means that they are under no obligation to issue you with a MAC code either.

The charge you're talking about might be a cancellation fee since ISP's usually charge between £50-70 if you try to leave inside the initial contract period.

If you're outside of the initial 12 month contract period then you're being charged unncessarily for a MAC code. Orange is also considering a similar charge.

So what can you do? Well there are three choices:

i) Pay the £50 fee and switch to a more competitive provider

ii) Don't pay the £50 fee and instruct BT to switch off your broadband connection and then 2-3 weeks later your new ISP should be able to get it connected again, (this means a loss of service for a few weeks)

iii) Refuse to pay the £50 fee and fight Supanet to issue you your MAC code for free, (could take ages and cost money and more importantly they don't need to issue you with a MAC code as they did not sign up to the scheme.

Let me know how you get on?

Kind Regards


.......having looked at that, it doesn't look like I have much of a leg to stand on :-(

bye bye broadband for a month or two :-(

  Bailey08787 11:04 16 Feb 2007

ooh, but there maybe light at the end of the tunnel.

read this thread (especially last comment) following on from the thread posted by Gandalf

click here

  Bailey08787 11:06 16 Feb 2007

the new rules (as of 14th Feb)

click here

  SCL411 11:17 16 Feb 2007


Unless I’m missing something, this should no longer be a problem.

As from last Wednesday (14th Feb) there have been compulsory rules in place governing the issuing and acceptance of MACs. At this stage, the rules do not apply to broadband via cable, wireless, satellite or from fully unbundled services. I’m not sure if the ISP in question falls into the latter category but if not they will be covered by these compulsory rules.

One of these rules states:

The provider is not allowed to charge for issuing a Migration Authorisation Code.


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:24 16 Feb 2007

I suggest you read click here and then remind Supanet of their obligations under the new law.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:26 16 Feb 2007

Oops, been a bit slow here, must remember to read all the posts first!

  Bailey08787 12:04 16 Feb 2007

I just rang Supanet, mentioned the new ruling.

There response was, "we obtain the MAC address from a 3rd party and will not release it without a payment of £50".

I asked if they cared that their stance contravened the new Ofcom ruling - they said no.

As much as I want to take them down, I can't see me getting any satisfactory resolution to this anytime soon, so may just cancel the line :-(

  spuds 12:15 16 Feb 2007

"I asked if they cared that their stance contravened the new Ofcom ruling- they said no".

In that case, take the matter up with Ofcom click here or/and click here and see what they have to say. Perhaps a more senior person at Supanet may then have a change of heart!.

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