Sumvision Apex II SATA HD enclosure problem

  whalton 17:40 25 Nov 2014

Hello everyone. Seems a bit odd posting on PC Advisor after all those years on the MacWorld website!

Anyway, I've been a Sumvision Apex II SATA hard drive enclosure for a few years now without any problems, and today it wouldn't start up. No green light at the back, just a flashing orange one, and no sound from the hard drive itself. Upon opening up the enclosure, I found that it had shorted itelf out, and the lead into the HD had melted against the enclosure case.

The hard drive looks fine, but will the short have done for the hard drive too? It's a 1TB drive, and has a load of stuff backed up onto it, and needless to say it would be somewhat inconvenient if it had all gone (almost literally) up in smoke.



  whalton 10:37 26 Nov 2014

Well the good news is that the hard drive has survived. I managed to order a new enclosure on Amazon last night and it arrived this morning. Connected the hard drive in, plugged the USB cable in my iMac and away it went. far!



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