Stuck on apple logo and progress bar

  Todd Marchant 16:44 27 Apr 2018

I have a older mid 2009 that wont fully boot up. I have tried all the startup shortcut keys and none of them do anything exept for option and command-s. As far as I can tell its hd is corrupted, but I can’t get to the utilities to fix it. Any ideas?

  Jollyjohn 10:59 28 Apr 2018

If Command + R doesn't work, try Alt + Command + R and hold the keys down until you see the progress bar start.

  Todd Marchant 03:51 29 Apr 2018

No, neither of those commands do anything. The progress bar pops up but it never starts. I tried twice with both key combo. The first time, I held the keys down and waited for the progress the start (which never happened). The second, I held the keys down until the progress bar popped up. I tried all 15 key commands that I know of, there’s only 2 that actually do anything (option or command-s).

  Jollyjohn 07:42 29 Apr 2018

In that case you will need access to another Apple computer and a 32GB USB drive. Install the OS to the drive then boot your Mac using it and see if you can fix it.

  Todd Marchant 09:14 29 Apr 2018

Alrighty then, thank you for your help.

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