Strange magsafe behaviour after battery failure

  djpaulito 22:40 03 Jun 2015

Hope somebody can help with this as I've been researching for about a week now...

Macbook pro 15" early 2011 i7 2.0ghz

The issue: magsafe only works intermittently after battery expanded and failed. Its a bit random if I unplug it a few times and jiggle it about it may come on and work as it should..once it's on it stays on....

If it's working and I quickly unplug and replug 95% it will come straight back on.. Its not a short or cable issue in the I've tried 2 new ones so far.. There was no damage liquid or otherwise apart from the expanded battery issue...

Steps taken:

Smc/pram reset

Brand new magsafe (original)

Swapped out dc in board

Brand new battery

Different plug sockets

Different power cable

After trying another magsafe the issue remains.. The best it's been was at my work where it always came on but took between 5-15 seconds. At home I'm trying it and it's just hit and miss. Just hope it isn't logic board smc damage due to the previous battery failure. But then why would it work normally when it does? Could it be the dc in connection on logic board?. In istat the dc in is showing 1.8a and the charger behaves normally when it works..

Any help would be great,. (please don't say take it to a genius bar I'm looking to sort this myself,. worst case scenario new logic board,. ) Thanks!

  Macworld 10:37 04 Jun 2015

I'm wondering if the reason the battery failed in the first place was connected to the Mag Safe power port? I've has a faulty Mag Safe cable before, but switching it for a new one fixed the problem, this sounds like an issue with the connection on the Mac. I'm guessing you've tried your Mag Safe charger with another Mac? (If only it was that simple?)

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