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Stop Gmail from adding reservations to calendar?

  MichaelDavison007 07:44 16 Feb 2019

I realize that Google monetizes everything, and as a result thinks gmail should be able to read my reservations, and willy-nilly add them to my iDevice calendars. I prefer to add my own reservations to my calendar, without any oversight from Google. The result of Google getting access to my reservations is I end up with double entries in my calendar, double alerts, and so on.

Is there some way to stop Gmail from annoyingly butting into my iDevice calendars?

  js5678640 07:47 16 Feb 2019

Have you checked if the suggestions included in this help article, Events from Gmail, help resolve your issue?

  MichaelDavison007 07:48 16 Feb 2019

I unchecked the box for Google calendar. That is the web calendar. I never use that calendar, and wasn't even aware of it. What I want to stop is Gmail sniffing my iCal downloads and adding to my Mac OS calendar. I take care of those entries myself, and don't want the double entries that result from Gmail adding them.

  js5678640 07:53 16 Feb 2019

The add Events from Gmail function happens between Gmail and Calendar services on your account and ideally not populate over to your Apple Calendar unless your Apple Calendar is synced with your Google calendar where anything you add to your Google Calendar is displayed in your Apple Calendar when it syncs.

For details, you can refer to article: Read article on Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar.

If this is not the case, then please check within your Apple Calendar for any sync settings/features with your Gmail service. Additionally, you can also consider posting about this in the Gmail Support Communities.

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