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Startup disk missing can’t boot

  Evobeck 21:31 03 Dec 2019

Yesterday I was having issues with my mail app not connecting, so i decided to do a restore..I’ve only had machine few weeks so wasn’t much to back up.

did the erase hd function fine via command r. Got to screen to install and set up a new copy of lion. logged in with Appleid. Then got error message saying temporary unavailable.

and now I’m stuck.

Ive tried creating a bootable usb with Mac OS X installed in, but when I power up and press option, nothing happens, I cannot access the startup to click the usb.

Whether I press command r or command alt r, I still get taken to internet recovery and lion option, which doesn’t do anything.

At a loss now...!! Please can anyone help, tell me what I’m doing wrong

also, when I click on the base system disk, every option in first aid is grayed out. Not sure if relevant?

also would a wired keyboard make a difference??

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