Sound issues on iPhone XR

  Fintan Lawler 23:02 03 Jul 2019


I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone XR and I am having issues with the max volume on my new XR. I believe the iPhone 6 ran IOS 10 and the XR is running the most up to date IOS. There is a significant decrease in volume when playing music via Bluetooth through my cars music system on my new XR compared to the 6 and I do not know why.

I have tested multiple things out from articles online such as changing the volume limits and sound checking etc within settings however I cannot find anyway to improve the volume.

Is this an IOS issue or a XR issue? Does anyone have the same issue or know how to resolve it?

Any advice would be massively appreciated.



  mynameisraul 06:00 04 Jul 2019

That problem sounds like mine, I got an iPhone X with iOS 12 and a new Mercedes A-Class. The sound over BT jumps between muffled and clear, but its not only Spotify but also any other music-apps like Apple Music, SoundCloud or random videos on FB2Mate. So if its the same with the music app for you, I guess its some problem with our phones. The sound is perfect if I stream Spotify over the USB-cable to my car and the sound over the cars radio is also fine. I still have to test another phone to sort out if its a problem with the iPhone or the BT connection but at least in my case I'm pretty sure its not Spotify.

  Menzie 12:54 04 Jul 2019

The Bluetooth on the iPhone with many devices can be hit or miss. The best way to connect mobile devices to your car if supported is wired via Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

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