Slow Running Machine - doing my head in !!!

  nodnyl 01:56 19 Feb 2004

I recently replaced my hard drive after a virus corrupted previous one. Have 80 gig 1.1 processor
256 ram and XP pro, but my computer runs slowly.
If I run Norton speed disk, it makes things worse.
Someone suggested Diskeeper but no good. Can I get any analysis software to find out why this happens.
I was using Symantec Go Back though after using Speed Disk you can't go back.
Please, please, please, what can I do. Already spent lots of money and got nowhere.

  hugh-265156 02:36 19 Feb 2004

diskeeper is very good(xp`s own defrag is a cut down version of this software)

some people have lots of problems with norton(symantec)software,some dont.

i would remove it and see if things speed up again.

type "uninstall" and tick the boxes for any norton software you have like systemworks into the "Search all available knowledge bases" box on this page for guides to completely uninstall any norton software you here follow instructions.

if things speed up and you have a norton firewall and av and removed it,then replace with something like avg and zonealarm.

  ESEU Tech Support 11:31 19 Feb 2004

Hi Nodnyl,

As one of the Tech Support Reps at Executive Software, I was concerned to see that you wrote "Someone suggested Diskeeper but no good.". I was wondering why this is.

Is there anything that I can help with?

With regard to your performance problem, what is the load of your machine like? Do you have lots of applications all running at the same time? It may be that even with 256MB of RAM, your machine is still running low, thereby causing excessive swapping to take place to the pagefile. A good indicator of this is if you see your hard drive light active for very long periods of time when you are waiting for an application to load.

  Andsome 11:38 19 Feb 2004

I liked diskeeper lite so much that I downloaded and paid for the full program. In set it and forget it mode it runs in the background and keeps both my hard drives at 100%. Once a month I run a boot time defrag and it's like a breath of fresh air has got into the computer. Keep up the good work 'Executive Software'. ( Can you send the cheque to my home address please?)

  xania 11:46 19 Feb 2004

Not too sure about 1.1 processor and 256 MB RAM with XP pro - others may have a better view - but I do know that all MS products hog all available memory on loading, and you need to force then to release it back for use. click here to solve this problem.

I would certianly recommend doubling up your memory to 516 MB and then take a look at
click here
click here

  xania 11:50 19 Feb 2004

Sorry - just re-read what I wrote. Not very clear. The first comment relates priamrily to the memory size and the fact that the CPU speed does not compensate.

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