Slow running machine

  Mike-287412 16:09 14 Nov 2003

I know that buy a faster one would be the answer but until now my 500Mhz has been fine, now it has gone on go slow, The system monitor shows full Kernel Processor usage. I have tried shutting everything down except Explorer and Systray with no difference.
I am running Win ME

Any Suggestions?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:29 14 Nov 2003

It will all depend on the operating system you are using. Post back with that and you may get some suggestions.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:30 14 Nov 2003

Ok - I'm old and tired... I can now see that it is Win ME...

  Diodorus Siculus 16:35 14 Nov 2003

click here to decide what needs to run at startup.

Use MSConfig (go to start_run and type in msconfig) to minimise what starts up with Windows.

Have a look at what is in the system tray (next to theclock) and check if any are optional.

Do a defrag (preferably in safe-mode).

Uninstall any unnecessary software.

Check for spyware / presence of a virus.

  Diemmess 16:48 14 Nov 2003

Add a few more (obvious) ones................ Delete all Temporary Internet files, cookies, the lot.

Search for any unused applications and better still if you have some form of unistaller let it do it for you.

Clear the desktop of any no longer used shortcuts, and avoid screensavers and elaborate backgrounds.

Avoid allowing automatic or scheduled events, your computer has to keep track of all these.

Defrag last, when as much as you can clear, has been thoroughly cleared.

  johnnyrocker 17:10 14 Nov 2003

delete temp i/net files clear history, run disk clean up, the scan disk in safe mode followed by defrag in safe mode.


  Mike-287412 10:44 25 Nov 2003

Thanks. I visited the site suggested and took all sorts of junk from the start up and it is now quicker. Not lightning but fast enough until Father Xmas brings me a new one.


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