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Slow MacBook Pro after updating OS

  Stephen1986 16:44 03 Nov 2019

Hi, I have had my Apple MacBook Pro for a couple of years and I always kept the same OS that came with the Mac. Recently I decided to update to Mac OS Catalina but found that this OS was not compatible with a game I wanted to play on steam. I decided to downgrade to OS Mojave and it has made my laptop super slow now even tho the laptop is empty except for steam which I have reinstalled. Does anyone have any advice/ tips on how to make my laptop run at normal speed again??

  rardjaink 14:42 05 Nov 2019

hi :) bross :)

  Stephen1986 18:41 07 Nov 2019

Surely somebody has encountered a similar problem before

  bremner 18:13 09 Nov 2019

How did you downgrade it to Mojave was it a complete refresh install?

  bremner 18:14 09 Nov 2019

fresh install

  Stephen1986 18:17 11 Nov 2019

Hi Bremner. I used a video I found on youtube and deleted Catalina using the terminal and installed Mac OS Mojave from a usb stick. I created an additional partition on my Mac. I got the video from the youtube user called HowToISolve. Thanks for your reply

  bremner 06:52 12 Nov 2019

If you hold down the option key when you start the machine how many drives does it show and what are they called

  rardjaink 11:07 13 Nov 2019

posso usare l'italiano or english

  Stephen1986 18:51 13 Nov 2019

When I start the Mac up and push Alt it shows 3 drives: Macintosh HD_data, Macintosh HD and Mac OS Mojave partition. The Mojave partition I created myself and is a 100GB in size. Thanks for your reply!

  bremner 21:52 13 Nov 2019

Can you boot from the Mac HD drive as well at the Mojave drive?/

  Stephen1986 23:10 14 Nov 2019

If I try to boot from the Mac HD Drive it just keeps restarting the Mac after a couple of seconds and doesn't boot up. The Macintosh HD_Data drive it boots it to OS Catalina which I thought I had deleted. Cheers for your reply!

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