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  bremner 09:41 27 Dec 2012

4-8 weeks ago a technical change appears to have been made to this site. A consequence is that the site is virtually unusable on an iPad unless Javascript is turned off.

This results in the site being much more usable but with niggles such as being unable to use the world icon for posting links and no preview window.

The biggest downside however is issues with 95% of other websites not working properly meaning having to go into settings and switching back on Javacript.

Can anyone suggest a possible remedy or can the techies at PCA please please sort this out.

  Woolwell 10:25 27 Dec 2012

It's better using Chrome on the iPad but still not great. I find that using Safari that I have difficulty getting some of the links to work first time and double tap which results in a zoom.

  Woolwell 10:31 27 Dec 2012

Cancel my last post! I've just experienced bigger snags with Chrome and this site using the iPad. I had problems with a page looking as if it had locked up and it took me 3 attempts to get the reply box to correctly open.

  retep888™ 10:32 27 Dec 2012


You aren't alone, there is no problem browsing this site on an iPad with Safari until one tries to log in, you'll get into a loop of << There is a problem with PCAdvisor ,please refresh the page >> ,no matter what you do ,you're just back to square 1.

I'd to use Chrome if I wanted to reply a thread on an iPad like just now, strange thing is I used to log in this site with Safari in mobile mode on an iPad but not anymore.

Btw I'd no problem logging in this site thru' Safari on an iPhone 4S thou'.

  bremner 10:34 27 Dec 2012


I have tried three browsers other than Safari and the issue is with all. Even moving to another Tab is painfully slow. I am disappointed that this has gone on so long without being resolved.

  bremner 11:45 27 Dec 2012


I have been using iOS6 since its launch. The problem is with this site and something they did 4-8 weeks ago when solving another problem.

  Woolwell 12:08 27 Dec 2012

I think that it is related to the adverts using javascript. It slows the whole site down and you have to wait before the page is fully loaded before you can do anything. How quick this is depends slightly on your broadband connection/wifi. I find that I try to click too soon and this can create further problems.

I appreciate that this site depends on ads but do wonder if they have become too flashy. The tendency must be to show an advertiser an eye-catching advert but it can be like PowerPoint where the over use of animations ruins the messages.

I'm also surprised that PCA permits the GQ Agent Provocateur ad probably through Google ad links.

  Woolwell 12:09 27 Dec 2012

retep888™ - I don't get any log in problems.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:17 27 Dec 2012

I am afraid PCAdvisor forum website has always been troublesome, PCAdvisor was rubbish on my ipad and Nexus 7 and it is virtually unusable on my iphone.

This is definitely ad related as it is the only forum site I have trouble with and the only site that goes overboard with ads on forum pages.

Simpler not to use the site on a tablet or phone.

  Woolwell 12:33 27 Dec 2012

I find that the mobile site is fine on Safari on the iphone 5. It was not so good on the android browser.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:42 27 Dec 2012


Is this the full desktop version,you get this by scrolling all the way down to the grey IDG ad and clicking the "click here for full desktop version"or are you viewing the very limited mobile version?

The mobile is fine but it lacks features whereas the desktop version is rubbish.

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