Should I sync. my iPad with a new computer

  bgrave 21:05 16 Nov 2014

Hello.I bought my iPad several years ago and at the time I sync'ed a lot of photos into the photos folder on the iPad. This PC has long gone, I now have a different PC with a new iTunes which is basically empty. If I tick the box in iTunes "Sync with this Ipad over Wi-Fi" will it delete my photos,books,and paid for APS.

  Woolwell 11:09 17 Nov 2014

It could delete your photos. Paid for apps, books, etc should be ok.

You should have had the photos on your original PC. Do you have them on the new PC? If so get iTunes to point to them for sync and you should be ok.

  john bunyan 15:33 24 Nov 2014

Have a read here:

Transfer photos

  bgrave 15:07 02 Dec 2014

Hello. Sorry for the late response. When I said that the Pc with the original iTunes on was long gone, I thought that I had re-formatted the C drive ready for a new installation when I had time. I had a look at it and hooray the operating system (W7) was still there. so I was able to re-sync my iPad and every thing is now ok, however I still have to keep the Pc with the original iTunes until I find out if it is possible to transfer the iTunes to another Pc. Thanks for your input.

  bgrave 15:14 02 Dec 2014

Hello. Thanks for that, I am going to make a note about all your answer for the future. I was able to get the Pc with the original iTunes still on it working so I was able to re-sync and it is all up to date. I still have to keep this Pc going until I can find out if it is possible to transfer all of the data on this iTunes to another. Many thanks for your input.

  john bunyan 16:50 02 Dec 2014

If you have a USB HD you can copy the iTunes folder to it. Then when you have the new PC up and running registered, you can open iTunes on the new PC then attach the USB HD, go to each section at a time on the PC - eg music. Then use the "add folder to the library" command to add (from the USB HD) the iTunes/iTunes Media/Music folder to the library. Do the same for each - Apps :Add folder iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications, and the same for anything else. Unregister the old PC when done.

  john bunyan 09:17 03 Dec 2014

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