should i get a mac?

  Aol Hater 10:30 06 Jul 2003

hi all we are doing our house up room by room and my wife says that if i get one of the stylish macintosh computers then she will let me have it in the front room!!! wey hey!

but are they any good? i use my comp for internet, email, some ammature web design and the occassional game. as well as watching dvds on.

can i do all this with a mac and if so how much is a good one? and can i sell my pc (p4 384mb ram, sound card, graphics card, dvd, cdwriter, 40gb hdd, printer, scanner, speakers 17inch monitor, win xp pro, webcam) if so how much could i get towards the mac from the sale of pc?

any help would be great

  -pops- 10:38 06 Jul 2003

Style over substance eh?

I rather have my PC relegated to the attic (which it is - almost) and work from up there than change to a slower, more cumbersome machine with very limited (if any) upgrade capabilities.

It used to be that you could get Mac style monitors for a conventional PC. Don't know whether they are still available but, if that is all your wife is concerned about, have a shop around.

  rubella 10:47 06 Jul 2003

i wouldn't like to give a figure in £, but the resale value for computer parts is not high.

i would have thought if the problem is merely cosmetic it would be more economical to buy a really sexy case and tft for the system you have.

macs can be very good, but are fundamentally a lifestyle tool. accordingly they suffer the same kind of inherent limitations that even a very good midi-system has, compared to separates, when buying hi-fi.

  interzone55 10:55 06 Jul 2003

Macs have always been aimed at a different market to PCs.
They have fantastic software for graphics and video work, and DTP.
Don't read too much into the processor speeds, a 1Ghz G4 Mac can do as much work as a 2Ghz P4, due to the clever way the processor works.
Also a new G5 mac has just been launched that is clocked up to 2Ghz, click here
Just beware, the prices do not include one of the Apple TFTs.

As for games, the vast majority of games are never ported to the Mac, as there isn't much of a Mac gaming market.

Last word, I work for a large PC manufacturer, but we still use Macs in the marketing department!

  Taran 11:05 06 Jul 2003

I use Macs almost daily and love them to bits. At the end of the day there isn't much you can do with a Mac that a PC can't do and vice versa, but your PC software will not work on a Mac without some expensive emulation software (which can sometimes be a bit flaky in operation).

I was given an eMac a couple of weeks ago which currently retails in PC World for £799. It's a lovely machine; basically centred around a 172 flat CRT monitor it has everything else built in. All you have is the monitor, keyboard and mouse and it's more than fast enough for most anything you might like to do with it.

If you want a PC of some description in the living room though, you need to think about how you will print (either a wired or wireless network, or by physically moving the files form one to another machine via writable media), how your working on it may affect others watching TV or whatever and (arguably more importantly) how their watching the TV will affect your working at the computer.

Moving to a Mac is a culture shock, but has much to recommend it if you are prepared for all new software, both in terms of buying it and learning it.

  Taran 11:22 06 Jul 2003

The above where I typed 'a 172 flat CRT' should have come out as a 17 inch flat CRT, but the quote mark was mis-typed by the idiot at the keyboard.

I should also have mentioned that overall, the expense of replacing your application software and games would, in my view, be cost prohibitive just for the sake of having a computer in the living room.

  Kitz E Kat 11:22 06 Jul 2003

I have an old iMac,i got it for nothing!!!
I stuck in a new HD, upped the RAM, and loaded OSX....
Its a snappy looking machine, not a lot you can't do on it..
It gives my P4 DELL a good run for its money..
Have you looked a getting a second hand Mac,and keeping your PC ...
I like the iMac and the OSX is better than XP..
But..a PC is still handy to have around..

Get a good second hand Mac for the sitting room,even the older Mac's still look good compared to the latest PC's, and keep your PC upstairs, with your printer,scanner etc....
Oh yeah you can have great fun playing with OSX, and generate a whole new line of postings!!!!!!
Good luck

Kitz E Kat

  rubella 11:28 06 Jul 2003

it'll probably be the "occassional game" and software that clinches it. a friend of mine who works in a school of computing sciences, along with his faculty peers, all run macs in their offices. in part this is because of their familiarity with underlying system, in part this is flip the bird toward microsoft. he has both ibooks and a G4. he still gave me a budget to build him a pc when the "occassional game" became less occassional, and he found i had some software that would only beat to the tune of the microsoft drum.

  leo49 12:28 06 Jul 2003

Always a fundamental error to grant wives "Administrator Privileges"....

  Megatyte 13:25 06 Jul 2003

Only if it's raining ;-)


  -pops- 13:35 06 Jul 2003


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