Should I buy a MacBook Air or iPad Pro?

  awozzie 03:24 07 Feb 2018

I am looking for something I can use for school (I am in high school), art, as well as just watching Netflix etc. Where I live (in Canada) buying a refurbished MacBook Air would cost about $1000 and a simple Wacom tablet $100, where an iPad Pro would end up, after the Pencil, case, etc, $1500.

Personally, I don’t have much experience with laptops, and none with Wacom tablets, but have used my friends iPad Pro and Apple Pencil before. What do you think would be best for me?

  HondaMan 11:09 07 Feb 2018

Probably the smaller iPad Pro and pencil. What does the school suggest? Do they advise on software as this may decide for you

  awozzie 15:05 07 Feb 2018

The school doesn’t suggest any software, but they have iPad minis and old Mac laptops to borrow. I never really considered the smaller one because of art, where bigger is better as far as drawing surface goes, but I will look into it.

  wee eddie 21:54 07 Feb 2018

You say that your School has machines available to borrow. I suggest that you take advantage of the facility and have a go with each type to see which suits you best.

My own feeling is that if you need a workhorse, a laptop will serve you better.

  awozzie 06:43 08 Feb 2018

THanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately the laptops are the thick white ones (not sure what model) and the iPad minis the are the original model. I have tried them both, as I own an iPad mini and my mom used to have one of those laptops. She has the Air now, and from my limited use I have enjoyed it.

I recently discovered that getting a refurbished 2015 iPad Pro is the pretty much exact same price as a MacBook, which is interesting.

  ParkPrince12 03:46 19 Mar 2018

If you use it mostly for school tasks, then the iPad Pro should be more suitable. And it is easy to carry and lighter, just like other iPad models. But if you want a better experience or special operation, then it should be the MacBook Air.

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