Shiny new iMac

  Kate B 17:54 13 Aug 2007

There's one on the desk in front of me and it's very, very pretty. Very slim, gorgeous reflective screen ... *dribbles a bit* I don't like the touch on the new keyboard, though, and the mouse is still the same old white plastic.

  Bingalau 17:56 13 Aug 2007

Swank! I suppose you will soon get used to the new keyboard.

  Kate B 17:56 13 Aug 2007

It's not mine, sadly - it's on loan to a colleague from Apple.

  Brumas 17:58 13 Aug 2007

There, there! Take a deep breath, reach for the tissue and touch it again Kate - show it who's boss ;o)

  Monoux 17:58 13 Aug 2007


  Kate B 18:02 13 Aug 2007

I've already stroked it. There are people queueing up to do so. The rest of us are feeling that our 20" white iMacs are a bit old hat now that Bobbie is playing with the shiny new one.

  powerless 18:05 13 Aug 2007

I've not seen one yet, but I hope you mean GLOSSY screen. A reflective screen doesn't sound that good.

  Kate B 18:12 13 Aug 2007

Yup, glossy, that's the word I was groping for. It's been a long day. Though it is a bit reflective too.

  Forum Editor 18:15 13 Aug 2007

Apple knows how to design them like no other computer maker.

As Oscar Wilde said "I can resist everything except temptation" Apple should have it as its company motto.

  Kate B 18:19 13 Aug 2007

*nails credit card to floor*

  fontenay 21:35 13 Aug 2007

OOOOH can I wait until October? The pics look gorgeous!

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