Setting default word processor programme.

  Chris Parrett 09:03 08 Mar 2018

I have 'Pages' on my iMac, but prefer to use 'LibreOffice' when I'm writing, having got used to it when using a ppc version on my old G5 iMac, then getting a newer version when I eventually got an Intel Mac (I'm an author). However, if I save copy as a word document to send to my publisher, my Mac always presents it as a 'Pages' document, which my publisher's system doesn't seem to like. Likewise, if I want to work on a document, I prefer it in a set up I'm familiar with (I'm a bit IT illiterate), yet stuff sent to me always opens in 'Pages'. It isn't a problem with things sent to me because I can copy them into a 'LibreOffice' document to work on them.

Do I have to delete 'Pages' to do this? (it wasn't a problem before I loaded 'Pages'). I don't really want to lose Pages completely as it has features that I or others may want to use later (Libre Office may have them too, but I don't know where they are.)

There appear to be no options to set the default WP programme/suite in 'preferences'.

I hope this makes sense to someone.

  bremner 08:47 12 Mar 2018

Right click on any document and chose Get Info.

In the list click on "Open With"

Choose the program from the drop down and click change all.

  Chris Parrett 09:07 12 Mar 2018

Thanks… I had to think about 'Right click' ’cos my mouse doesn't have right and left buttons, but from somewhere I remembered something about 'control click' being the same.

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