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Setting Up An apple Email Account

  morddwyd 13:04 26 Oct 2019

I am not really at home on my iPad Pro and I have physical problems which make it difficult for me to stumble round!

How do I check if I have, or set up if I don't have,an Apple email account?

I have no problem accessing my Yahoo and Gmail accounts on the iPad but I want a clean, discrete, Apple account.

  john bunyan 13:09 26 Oct 2019

Create Apple id

  john bunyan 13:12 26 Oct 2019

Sorry, posted in error- will reply later, but in principle you use one of your e mails as user name and create a password as user id. They like to send a confirmation to a smartphone

  morddwyd 15:31 27 Oct 2019

Thanks, JB, I have confirmed that's what I have while setting, so I have a usable Apple ID, but how do I get an email address?

  john bunyan 16:09 27 Oct 2019


Here is a link, if you want one but you don’t have to have one to use iPads or I phones. You can use ICloud via your Apple ID linked to the appropriate e mail


  Forum Editor 16:10 27 Oct 2019

If you already have an Apple ID it will be associated with an email address which you supplied when you set it up.

To do what you want to do, click here

  Forum Editor 16:11 27 Oct 2019

Advice in stereo.

  morddwyd 09:39 28 Oct 2019

Thank you FE.

I do already have an Apple ID set up with an email address. I was looking to set up an iCpoud address.

I have already explored your Apple link pretty fully but came to the conclusion that the facility is no longer available.

However, I will explore your second link later on.

  jaritch 11:35 28 Oct 2019

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