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Separate address books for Outlook and iPhone?

  john bunyan 18:19 11 Apr 2019

I have an iPhone and also use Outlook for e mails. When I first had the phone, I manually added a fairly short list of people with their phone numbers. I did set this list to be uploaded to iCloud so if changing phones the list carried over. Somehow, I must have harmonised my outlook e mail address book to the phone, so I have dozens of unwanted people and contacts, many with no phone numbers, only e mail addresses. Is there a way of having a short list on the phone and the full address list in Outlook address book? If so how? I do sometimes send e mails from the phone so also want access to the e mail address book, but not for it to show in the phone addresses

  Pine Man 10:51 12 Apr 2019

When you say you are using Outlook for your emails do you mean Outlook the email client program or the email provider? God knows what possessed Microsoft to name two different applications the same!

Also are you using a PC or Mac?

  john bunyan 11:34 12 Apr 2019

Pine Man

I use a PC ( 2) on Widows. Both have Outlook 2016 Home and Business. On the desktop I use the Outlook platform for both my Outlook .com e mail and an old talk Talk one - Outlook on IMAP , TT on POP3. I am slowly stopping that one. There is an old “This computer only “ address book on the desktop. The laptop, when I launch Outlook, only has my outlook. com e mail and my wife’s one.

I use my I phone sometimes, when out, to receive and reply to IMAP e mail and , later, put it in folders on the laptop or desktop.

Somehow I must have imported the TT address book ( mainly e mail addresses) into the one.

The I phone used just to have phone numbers of regular contacts but now seems to have a mixture of both. All a bit messy! I would be grateful for advice!

  Pine Man 11:48 12 Apr 2019


I was hoping you used a Mac as I do then it is very straightforward to have one contacts base serving different devices with specific groups. Unfortunately not so straightforward mixing a PC & iPhone!

Ideally you need a Contacts/Address book program that is cross platform and could be accessed by your PC & iPhone. I did a quick Google and there appear to be lots and maybe worth having a look.

Good luck and sorry I can't help.

  john bunyan 12:25 12 Apr 2019

Pine Man

Thanks anyway; I’ll follow it up. I receive regular e mail from a military association that starts with Dear xxx, so they must use a programme that inserts a Forename into an email distribution list. I will look around.

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