selecting a printer for a Linux machine.

  SparkyJack 08:30 29 Sep 2011

Having rebuilt an ancient Dell Laptop with a new bare hard drive for a 1st year student and not having a Windows O/S laying around I installed Ubuntu- This works fine- the elephant in the room for her will be printing stuff.

It it is plain to us users that for her to simply rush off and buy a printer will be fraught with driver issues. So what do any of you think is the best advice to offer with regard make/model of printer to look for with Linux drivers available in the system or to down load?

  woodchip 09:58 29 Sep 2011

If when you load Linux, You is best to have your printer turned on so it recognizes it, and configures it on Setup. almost any printer will work never had problems using epson printers in linux

  Miké 11:04 29 Sep 2011

I have had various Linux distro's installed over the years, hardware support has gradually improved. I would select a range of printers and then use google, multi-function printers can be problematical.

  LastChip 13:53 29 Sep 2011

Manufacturers have become more Linux aware recently and most of the mainstream printers now have Linux drivers available. Installing them varies, some being really easy, while others being a little more technical.

However, HP were one of the first to embrace Linux and have had good support for a long time. They actively engaged with the Linux community and aided development for drivers for their printers.

The easiest way is to choose a printer you want to use and then go to the manufacturers website and check if;

a: it's Linux compatible out of the box,


b: Linux drivers are available.

Either way, you'll have some success. It's not half of the problem it once was. I've had success with Samsung, Epson, HP, and Cannon, which is pretty much all the mainstream providers.

  SparkyJack 19:49 29 Sep 2011

Th anbk you all for that one - will investgate what the various makers say.

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