Security protection software on a iMac

  artycrafty41 22:38 07 Aug 2017

Is it necessary to have security protection software on an iMac?

  Pine Man 08:28 08 Aug 2017

You certainly need anti malware and anti adware protection like AdBlock, Ghostery or Malwarebytes but other than that it's up to you.

The MacOs contains it's own protection and it is suggested that using additional security software can adversely affect performance.

If you google 'software protection for Macs' you will get an awful lot of contradictory advice and you really will have to make your own mind up.

I only have AdBlock and Ghostery and I have never had an issue.

One of the main problems is that viruses are often confused with malware/adware and it is suggested that there are currently no viruses in the wild that can infect your Mac.

  HondaMan 09:25 08 Aug 2017

it is suggested that there are currently no viruses in the wild that can infect your Mac.

Even so, I use AVG free just to be sure. It alerts me about once a week that something has triggered it. I, too, use adblock and Ghostery together with Malwarebytes and so far, have not had any problems.

My iMac is running at 4GHz with 24GB memory so I would be worried if I noticed any deterioration in performance

  Forum Editor 17:27 08 Aug 2017

Numerous Mac viruses and Mac-specific attacks have been documented, but it's much rarer for a Mac to become infected because virus writers don't see the MacOs platform as being worth the time and effort - it has a tiny market share compared to Windows and Android, and Apple has had a bad time of it of late.

Shipments of new Macs was almost 10% down in 2016 as the company lost sales to Windows machines - particularly to Microsoft's Surface devices. The PC market has been declining over the past five years or so, but Apple's 2016 performance was far worse than the industry average.

I think the advice offered by Pine Man and HondaMan is sound- Malwarebytes might be a good choice if you want to pick just one form of additional protection.

  artycrafty41 21:02 08 Aug 2017

Reply to HondaMan. How come you are running 24GB of memory, I thought 16GB was to most for an iMac. I am running 16GB with 2 slots empty. I still have the original two 4GB each memory that came with the iMac, is it okay to put them in as well?

  HondaMan 12:43 09 Aug 2017

The maximum on my iMac is 32GB, 4 X 8 GB sticks. I found the standard 8 was too small with Parallels Desktop running Win XP, 7 and 10 all at the same time, so I upgraded to 24 GB, 2 X 4 + 2 X 8. I might go to 32, but I think I am more likely to upgrade the computer to the up-coming iMac Pro in December.

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