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Security cannot log out of Apple ID on lost phone!

  Lyndsay Young 07:03 11 Feb 2019

Hi... my sons iPhone was stolen/lost a week ago. I immediately cancelled his EE sim & called Apple but they couldn’t disable the phone from being used as although we had the make, model, IMEI number, Apple ID & password we couldn’t remember the phone number that was associated with the account and every time we tried to log into the ID it would text a code to that number or the Apple ID email which we couldn’t access from another device as it was texting the confirmation code to the number we no longer had. So we ended up going around in circles. My son now has a new phone and a new ID but who ever has his old one has access to his account and linked PayPal etc surely?

  john bunyan 08:08 11 Feb 2019

If you had “find my I phone “ switched on you should be able, using his Apple ID to use that feature on a pc or other iPhone to locate it ,put it in lost mode and/or delete it. The thief should not be able to use it without the number log in anyway

  Lyndsay Young 08:11 11 Feb 2019

Hi... it doesn’t appear find my iPhone was switched on as when I try it only my other two sons phones appear so I am unable to put it on lost most. I honestly thought Apple would be able to once they verified our identity.

  john bunyan 08:12 11 Feb 2019

Also see

lost iPhone

  john bunyan 10:31 11 Feb 2019

This article describes what to do with or without “find my iPhone “ switched on. Hopefully the passcode stopped the use of the phone.

Lost I phone

  john bunyan 10:35 11 Feb 2019

PS “Can’t remember phone number?” How can that be? Surely others on your family have it? Who is his SIM provider?

  Lyndsay Young 10:45 11 Feb 2019

Thank you John. The back up phone number or whatever it is you call it... that’s used to confirm identity was not the phone number if the lost phone. All we had was the last 3 digits and we had to confirm the rest. I went through all my numbers, as I am my other sons contact if he can’t access his Apple ID, but I did not recognise the number at all. I phoned EE and they kindly went through all the numbers on my itemised bill & all my old numbers dating back to when my son set up his Apple ID but there was no number that fit. It’s all very strange. My only other idea is that whoever took the phone had managed to change details but I have no idea to be honest. I was just worried they would be able to access his apps and banking etc. I thought Apple would be able to intervene and overude the issue to put the phone in lost mode but they say they can’t without this phone number that we don’t know!

  john bunyan 11:12 11 Feb 2019


Kids eh? My 20 odd year old granddaughters are similar. The second link above has a procedure for a lost Phone if find my iPhone is switched off. I assume Your son’s SIM provider will block the old and supply a new one? Good luck!!

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